Leadership Consulting

As a change management consultant and CEO of FountainBlue LLC since January 2005, Linda Holroyd provides one-on-one executive coaching, executive and team facilitation and management, and organizational advisory services which focus on culture and growth.

Specifically at the team level, we build cohesion and develop trust with an emphasis on candor, honesty and crucial conversation. Our team and leadership consulting services consistently emphasize empowerment and growth at the individual, team and organizational levels. We take pride in working with our client companies to:

  • improve team dynamics and communication
  • facilitate learning and development
  • empower and support individual team members
  • align leaders, managers and divisions and
  • achieve business objectives while developing culture and empowering people at all levels.

Common Objectives and Takeaways for Team Consulting are listed below:

  • Improve culture, participation, retention, and energy from participating individuals and teams, as measured by engagement surveys and metrics.
  • Improve clarity on vision and alignment on goals, as measured by surveys, interviews, and measured results.
  • Improve communication and connection between individuals, teams, leaders, partners, as measured by participating levels and engagement surveys.
  • Increase collaboration between participating individuals, teams, leaders and partners, as indicated by the number of collaborative projects and the number of teams and leaders participating in each of them.

We measure success based on reports on team cohesion, team productivity, and team impact. Reported qualitative and quantitative outcomes include:

Improved Leadership Qualities

  • Greater Clarity and Prioritization
  • Greater Short-Term Focus
  • Larger and Broader Long-Term Focus
  • Renewed Commitment and Confidence

Refined Communication Skills

  • Better Frame Situations Based on Immediacy, Relevance, and Priorities
  • Better Understand and Communicate ‘Your Side of the Net’
  • Better Communicate Status and Ownership
  • Improved Speaking and Communication to Larger and More Diverse Audiences

Management Successes

  • Improved Decision-Making Skills
  • Enhanced Creativity and Innovation with the Team
  • Greater Effectiveness and Better Performance

Relationships and Networks

  • Improved Relationships within and Outside the Team
  • Larger Ecosystem of Partners and Providers
  • Longer-term Relationships with Larger Range of Partners
  • Improved Balance in all Aspects of Life
  • Increased Collaboration Across Teams

What Sets Us Apart:

  • We are agnostic of level, role and industry, supporting everyone from new-hires to C-Suite veterans, in roles across engineering, product, marketing, finance, operations, HR, etc.,
  • Our broad exposure to a wide range of industries, companies, technologies, geographies, etc., help us provide more strategic guidance and a broader perspective, and our network of contacts support business development goals.
  • Our authenticity, integrity and empathy are the hallmarks for each conversation and our decades of experience working with leaders at all levels consistently shines through.
  • Our rates are reasonable – $200/half hour, and our work is guaranteed. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and we will make it right.

FountainBlue LLC regularly facilitates, coaches, trains, and speaks on a variety of topics and themes for executives and boards, for individual teams, across teams and across organizations. Below are some sample themes and topics. E-mail us if you would like to brainstorm how we can support your team and organization.

Strategic Facilitation

  • Fireside chats featuring executives regarding product launches, product direction, CSR initiatives, etc.,
  • Goal-Setting and Strategic retreats for executives and board members
  • Other? We are working on a global board certification and connect with tech companies within the US and far beyond

Team Building

  • Program Launch and Debrief
  • Goal Setting, Charter, Roles and Responsibilities, Milestones, Deliverables 
  • Collaboration within and outside organization
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Strategies
  • Other? We have decades of experience working with a wide range of teams

Development and Training

  • Problem-Solving
  • Decision-Making
  • Communication
    • Communication Styles
    • Aligning Your Thoughts, Words and Actions
    • Can You Hear Me Now? Speak so you are heard.
    • The Art of Persuasion
    • Bringing Out Your Authentic Self
    • Connecting with People Not-Like-You
    • Managing Your Self-Talk
    • Other – it generally boils down to communication – how we can each improve. Let’s discuss how we can customize a communication program for your team!

Leadership and Management

  • Leading from Any Chair
  • Stepping Up and Stepping In
  • Strategies for Swimming Upstream
  • Quantify Qualitative Leadership Traits
  • Securing Resources to Increase Impact
  • Facilitating a Trust-Based, Change-Embracing Workforce

Recent Trainings and Presentations for the HR Community

  • SHRM Certification Instructor – for SJSU
  • AI for HR – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – for SD SHRM

Recent and Upcoming Presentations for Entrepreneurs

  • So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur – for SDSU Entrepreneurship Forum
  • Diversifying Revenue Models – for SDSU Lavin Entrepreneur Center

Client Talks and Presentations

  • The Art and Science of Persuasion – for a Client Program Leadership Team
  • Re-Build, Re-USE, or Re-Tire: A Framework for Evaluating Code Base – for a Client Engineering Team

Email us if you would like to discuss a program we can do for YOUR group, team or organization.


FountainBlue LLC’s management and process improvement services provide our entrepreneurial and executive clients the business and operational advantage.

Whether the challenge is optimizing process, people and technology or reviewing and vetting existing and new technologies and systems, FountainBlue LLC’s end-to-end process management and integration services, ensure effective, efficient and strategic implementations which align stakeholders and deliver measurable results.

Our Background and Experience

Our process management successes are in the areas of software engineering, systems design and development, H/W-S/W integration, product line management, project development/ management and customer support for corporate and government organizations, with multi-site, multi-vendor and international organizations.

Our specific experience ranges from:

  • Shifting IT departments onto new platforms,
  • Growing teams quickly and exponentially, while improving performance and quality,
  • Merging and integrating corporate systems, software, operations and personnel.

Optimizing Processes, People and Technology

At FountainBlue, we follow an integrated, four-stage approach to process, people and technology improvement: 1) Assess and Identify, 2) Advise, 3) Act and 4) Assure.


For more information, contact us at info@fountainblue.biz.