Consulting and Strategic Advisory Services

Over the past two decades, in this time of great change when nothing’s normal, FountainBlue LLC has been working with leaders and organizations to understand and manage the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow, creating the trust-based, change-embracing workforce for tomorrow.

FountainBlue’s strategic advisory services provide support for senior executives and their boards, focusing on three areas: 1) growth, 2) value creation, and 3) value creation.

Strategic Growth and Expansion

  • Scenario Planning around the VUCA Vectors – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
  • Collaboration and Alliances
  • Transformational Innovations
  • Expansion into Adjacent Technologies and Markets

Collaborative and Exceptional Execution

  • Teamwork focused
  • Metrics-Based
  • Incremental Innovations
  • Strategically Relevant
  • In alignment with customer, employee and partner needs

Delivering Value:

  • In alignment with corporate mission, vision and values
  • With measurable results as defined by customer and partners
  • With measurable results as defined by the organization and its stakeholders

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deliver value as a strategic adviser?

FountainBlue’s CEO Linda Holroyd has led all strategic advisory projects since its launch in February 2005. Linda works with executives and entrepreneurs to provide growth and expansion advisory services, deliver operational excellence, and ensure value to stakeholders in alignment with corporate vision.

Specifically at the organizational level, we partner with board members and the executive team to 1) strategize on proactive and strategic business development, in alignment with client projections and market trends, 2) leverage scenario-based-planning to optimize growth and expansion as well as innovation, 3) deliver on operational excellence in collaboration with partners and clients, 4) facilitate measurable and sustainable high-impact results, 5) align change initiatives with corporate mission, vision and values, 6) support the recruitment, retention and development of a change-embracing, trust based culture, and 7) support the executive vision and leadership which drive each of the above.

The results are reflected in the shareholder value, the engaged workforce, and the product innovations.

What are our areas of emphasis?

FountainBlue LLC’s Growth Advisory Services is a subset of our Strategic Advisory Services. Areas of specialty include:

  • product strategy development in alignment with client needs and market trends
  • strategic marketing and business development
  • current and projected workforce needs
  • alliance and ecosystem review and planning
  • recommendations for adjacent industries and markets

FountainBlue LLC’s Value Creation Services is a subset of our Strategic Advisory Services. Areas of specialty include:

  • review and assessment of current and projected offerings, in alignment with market trends and customer needs
  • assessment of partnerships and alliances
  • recommendations for improved offerings and packaging, improving value, leveraging expertise

FountainBlue LLC’s Operational Excellence Services is a subset of our Strategic Advisory Services. Areas of specialty include:

  • detailed metrics and reporting on product, people, operations, etc.,
  • scenario planning to optimize for specific results within specific timelines
  • dashboards set up to enhance cooperation and coordination

What types of organizations do you typically serve?

We serve a wide range of industries (see below), specializing in 1) global technology-driven start-ups targeting the US market with plans to grow from 40-500+ people, 2) Fortune 500+ companies undergoing rapid technological, process and cultural change and 3) companies and leaders and managers interested in proactively staying in front of the change curve.

In general, we like to say that we serve companies from 40-50,000+ people, if they are large enough to need help in specific ways, and open and agile enough to receive feedback, input, and support.

What is your physical location?

After working for decades in the Silicon Valley, we have recently relocated to San Diego, are honored to be acknowledged as a top Business Consultant in 2024. We continue to work as an independent board adviser for global technology startups and highly recommend the board certification program we took from M.A. Pfister Strategy Group in 2023.

What geographic areas do we serve?

Although we are physically located in San Diego, we are proud to be selected as a top business consultant in many US cities. We do the bulk of our work online, but make arrangements for regular on-site trainings, retreats, workshops, special events for select clients.

For more information on how we can support your advisory, coaching, leadership development or mediation needs, see our availability and schedule a no-obligation zoom call by visiting

What industries do we serve?

We’ve worked with dozens of industries and connect with leaders across industries at our monthly VIP Roundtables. We prefer working with fast-growing technology companies over a wide range of industries, including:

  • Internet 
  • Software Development
  • FinTech/Financial Services
  • Healthtech
  • Workplace Technologies
  • Semiconductor
  • Mental Health Tech
  • Edtech
  • Climate Tech
  • E-commerce
  • Other

Which technologies would these companies be implementing:

  • Generative AI
  • Computing Power
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • 5G Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Other

What kind of transformational projects has FountainBlue supported?

Product Strategy Transitions

  • from customized/personalized solutions to modular design
  • from desktop to SaaS
  • from paper to web site
  • from hardware-only to integrated HW/SW solutions

Market Expansion

  • Expanding to new niche markets
  • Expanding to global markets
  • Expanding solution to new applications/customer/market
  • Expanding from direct to alliance/partnership sales

Cultural Transformation

  • Supporting integrations
  • Supporting rapid growth
  • Supporting product pivots
  • Supporting global expansion
  • Supporting hybrid and remote workforce
  • Supporting workforce shift – growth, reduction, expansion, reskilling 

What are our areas of specialty around innovation?

Although we respect orthogonal and incremental implementation as part of our strategic advisory services, our area of emphasis around innovation is more about ‘Transformational Innovation’ – that which is category-creating, novel, uncomfortable, and non-traditional. It takes vision, courage and insight to reach for it, an fortitude, perseverance, and orchestration to deliver it.

Testimonials and Differentiators – Strategic Advisory


1.Integration of Strategy, Planning and Execution: FountainBlue excels at facilitating a strategic discussion, coordinating planning across teams, and working with all parties to deliver and communicate measurable results.

2. Growth Mindset: FountainBlue centers our strategic conversations around the market opportunities and the current and projected customer needs.

3. Ecosystem Approach: FountainBlue excels at envisioning and creating an ecosystem of stakeholders, and engaging key parties to provide input on the visioning, planning and execution for key projects.

4. Facilitating Convergencies: FountainBlue facilitates discussions which look both at the market and customer impact as well as the operational and people impact for product and business decisions.


5. Innovation-Focused: FountainBlue helps us to focus on the business imperatives around innovation – stretching our technology, solutions, ideas, and creativity to better support our customers.

6. Scenario-Based Strategic Planning: FountainBlue consistently displays the extraordinary ability to facilitate conversations around scenarios to help us understand the short-term and long-term implications of our decisions and while also engaging stakeholders across the ecosystem in the decision-making process.

7. Collaborative Problem-Solving: FountainBlue excels at strategically bringing all stakeholders to the table to brainstorm alternatives, opportunities and implications to critical business issues.

8. Agile and Iterative Planning: FountainBlue’s ongoing support helps us all be more agile with our planning, more receptive to iterating our vision and plans as scenarios and priorities change for our organization, for our customers, for the market.


9. Efficient Optimization of People, Process, and Results: FountainBlue ensures that every conversation factors in the people, process and metrics needed to optimize performance and drive progress while aligning to values, goals and market needs.

10. Transparent, Inclusive and Direct Communication: Throughout the change management consultation process, FountainBlue worked with us to ensure that our communications were transparent, clear, inclusive, and aligned with our goals, values, and strategies.

Client Consulting Testimonials


  • It is Linda’s ability to look around the corner and identify trends that helped us serve anticipated needs, keeping us in the game, and even ahead of the field.
  • There’s nobody better at connecting the dots than Linda Holroyd. Her technical aptitude, market understanding, and people orientation make her a great asset as an executive, manager, and strategist.
  • Linda’s broad experience working with disparate leaders and markets make her the perfect strategic adviser and sounding board as our portfolio companies amplify growth.
  • Linda has the impressive ability to listen, understand, synthesize and then deliver insightful observations, targeted feedback, and pragmatic recommendations for strategic and collaborative directions and growth. Our portfolio companies have greatly benefited from her leadership and guidance.
  • Momentum is the key to any successful business, and Linda helped our portfolio companies to create that momentum in spades.
  • It’s rare to see a professional as people-centered as Linda who is also so business focused and technology savvy. She brings the full package to every engagement!
  • Linda is that rare executive who sees the vision and executes to achieve that vision, in collaboration with diverse sets of key stakeholders, ever seeking the win-for-all.


  • Linda has the perfect balance of grace and no-nonsense, incisive clarity that creates immediate value in every conversation, driving and inspiring us all to both exceed  expectations and celebrate our successes.
  • I am always amazed by Linda’s diligence, tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit. She is an exceptional communicator and collaborator, managing to tackle even the toughest assignments with grace and results for myself and my team.
  • Linda combines a crystal clear understanding of business management with an enormous amount of energy for producing results. She works at the speed of light, cuts through complexity, focusing our team on delivering on targeted results.
  • Linda’s ability to translate customer requests and input to the executives, engineers, product and business professionals have helped us more efficiently execute on our business imperatives.


  • Linda has tremendous bandwidth for understanding complex technical facts well enough to converse on the business opportunities, implications and direction, while focusing on our bottom-line results.
  • Linda is exceptionally good at identifying what we’re doing right and also astute and creative about how we can do things even better. This is especially remarkable because she’s new to the industry, to the technology, to the space!
  • Linda presents information in a way that makes people see more clearly and collaborate more readily. She then facilitate conversations and actions which positions an ecosystem of stakeholders to serve adjacent markets and nascent opportunities for niche customers.
  • I have never seen anyone so deeply listen, so quickly get it, and then apply it to practical ways to build momentum for our business unit. It is quite impressive.
  • Linda consistently raises the bar and inspires and enables us to drive business and social value.
  • Linda has the uncanny ability to quickly grasp the business and technical implications for our help us refine our strategy, communicate our value to targeted niche markets, and then deliver customer feedback, partnership engagements and even funding.
  • My team and I have greatly benefited from Linda’s amazing ability to quickly identify the core issues and then to immediately facilitate the creation of detailed, actionable, collaborative plans, focused on achieving overarching goals, and addressing identified issues. She has done this for multiple projects and multiple teams, and we heavily rely on her astute judgment, drive, and energy.
  • Linda’s passion, dedication, energy and vision has supported our business launch and growth, exceeding our expectations.
  • Linda’s deep experience as an investor and an entrepreneur across multiple industries helped our company to pivot our strategy, to refine our communication, and to secure paid enterprise use cases.

Sales Professionals

  • Linda is customer-oriented, tech-philic, creative and innovative. She is superb at positioning our solutions to the wide range of decision-makers in our network and even better at teaching our team to do it themselves.
  • Linda is authentic, credible, believable and quotable. She has taught me how to adopt these talents myself.
  • Linda is the kind of strategic visionary who can envision and realize a brighter possibility, using existing technologies, resources and partnerships.
  • People call Linda ‘the Mayor’ for a reason. She can connect you to so many great people.
  • Linda is customer-oriented, tech-philic, creative and innovative. She is superb at positioning our solutions to the wide range of decision-makers in our network and even better at teaching our team to do it themselves.

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