StrategyFountainBlue supports the leadership and innovation needs for tech companies and start-ups by providing strategy and execution consulting services around markets, products and people.

Since FountainBlue’s launch in January 2006, we have coached dozens of tech executives and advised dozens tech entrepreneurs within the FountainBlue community and beyond. Additionally from 1996-2003, FountainBlue CEO Linda Holroyd had coached and advised start-ups and corporations as founder and CEO of web development company Galatia.

Below are some foundational beliefs for our consulting practice.

  1. Technology is making it possible to create and deliver personalized products and services to increasingly discerning customers.
  2. Technology is connecting and empowering customers.
  3. Customers want and expect personalized solutions.
  4. Companies need to understand and deliver on what customers want.
  5. Understanding why customers want what they want will help companies plan for the future.
  6. Back-end operations, management, infrastructure and processes need to be integrated and aligned in order to sustainably deliver what the customers want cost-effectively.
  7. Company leaders need to plan and strategize with all stakeholders to deliver what customers need.
  8. Local vendors, partners and providers may become an integral part of delivering products and services to the door of customers.
  9. Only the right vision, strategy and execution, delivered by the right leaders will succeed.
  10. Success is a moving target, for solutions must continually evolve to serve the needs of the customer and to reflect new market trends.​​

Profile of Client Companies

FountainBlue takes pride in working with company and start-up leaders to think differently – both more broadly and more strategically – so that they can be more collaborative, more global, more innovative, more technology-driven and more customer-focused. Our Customers are typically:

  • Displaying proven technology, solid traction and ongoing momentum with a huge market potential
  • Showcasing a Customer-Focused orientation and a Data-Driven solution, as proven by past and current client and partner relationships
  • Providing Technologies which embrace Digital Transformation, IoT and Edge/Cloud computing

FountainBlue’s Consulting, Recruiting and Advisory Services

Consulting Services – Our initial engagements help us identify needs, resources and timelines. Typical engagements include:

  • Strategic Consulting to identify adjacent markets and products
  • Sales Strategy, Milestones and Results
  • Go to Market Strategy, Messaging, Datasheets and Templates
  • Customer-Focused Product and Engineering Strategies
  • Strategic Ongoing Execution
  • Implementation and Oversight of Solutions: People/Process/Technology

Recruiting Services – Members of our Consulting team may elect to join leadership roles for our client companies. We typically recruit: 

    • Sales and Business Development Leaders
    • Marketing and Communication Leaders
    • General Managers for Key Programs and Initiative 
    • Product and Engineering Leaders
    • Finance, Legal and Operations Leaders

Advisory and Board Positions – CEO Linda Holroyd and members of the Consultant Network may elect to join an advisory or a board level position with client companies.

  • Client companies are generally either growth-oriented, or focused on turn-around or merger – either way, our advisory services are high-impact in the near term and for the long term.
  • Client companies need the type of strategic, execution and business development services which are our areas of focus.
  • Compensation is in the form of both stock and cash, with a premium up-side based on pre-approved results.

FountainBlue’s Consultant Network

Consultant Network – We are proud of our network of consultants who consistently deliver exceptional value to our customers. Our consultants are typically:

  • High-performing seasoned tech executives with broad and deep experience in technology companies 
    • in different stages – from start-ups to Fortune 20
    • in different industries – including hardware, software, healthcare, pharma, semiconductor, construction, automotive, retail etc.,
    • in different roles – including sales/marketing/business development, manufacturing and operations, legal and finance, product and engineering
  • Tech-philic, customer-philic, product-savvy, data-driven, politically astute leader
  • Seasoned communicator, experienced with working in the boardroom and on the front lines

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Executive Coaching

Linda Holroyd also coaches executives and speaks on management and leadership topics. For more information, visit

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