When We Speak

FountainBlue has supported entrepreneurs, investors, leaders and executives since its founding in January 2005. Although our core business as a change management consultancy is to provide executive coachingleadership consulting, and strategic advisory services to technology and business leaders, we produced a monthly When She Speaks series (May 2006-December 2024), a monthly VIP roundtable series (December 2016-December 2024) and a monthly Front Line Managers Online series (May 2020-December 2024), first on-site, and then online from March 2021 through October 2024.

In 2025, to better address the changes in global workforce needs for our corporate partners and individual members, we are shifting to in-person programs and offer support at three levels.

Bronze Membership – $250/person for up to 9 on-site programs a year or $2,000/team of up to 10 people for up to 9 on-site programs a year

  • On-site participation in monthly Silicon Valley-based on-site or online programs, taking place between Feb – Oct 2025.
  • One fifteen-minute, no-obligation, check-in call for one person. Additional 15-minute calls are $100 each.
  • Other benefits to be confirmed.

Silver Membership – $2,500/organization

  • Hosting one on-site program for up to 100 people, with 50% of the seating allocated to the host company, providing program, IT, parking, and food service support.
  • Participation for up to ten people to join other on-site Silicon Valley-based programs, taking place between Feb – Oct 2025.
  • Fifteen-minute, no-obligation, check-in call for up to 2 people. Additional 15-minute calls are $100 each.
  • Other benefits to be confirmed.

Gold Membership – $10,00/organization

  • Hosting up to three on-site programs (one per quarter) for up to 100 people, with 50% of the seating allocated to the host company, providing program, IT, parking, and food service support.
  • Participation for up to 15 people to join other on-site to Silicon Valley-based programs, taking place between Feb – Oct 2025.
  • Two hours of individual coaching (half hour each) and/or team meeting (1 hour each) each quarter, following the event hosted.
    • Candidates for one-on-one coaching are pre-defined and pre-approved
    • Team meetings may include planning sessions, assessment meetings, fireside chats, etc.,
  • Quarterly Interactive Workshops are generally held following our 2025 ‘When We Speak’ on-site and online programs, between 3-4 p.m. PST on a Thursday or 8-9 a.m. PST on a Friday morning. Workshop formats range from fireside chat to panel discussion, from trainings and assessments, on a wide range of theme-based topics.
    • Q1 theme (Feb-Apr): Celebrating Progress: in honor of International Women’s Day
    • Q2 theme (May-July): Career Agility: Navigating the Change Curve
    • Q3 theme (Aug-Oct): Building Bridges: We Are Better Together
  • Fifteen-minute, no-obligation, quarterly check-in call for up to 3 people. Additional 15-minute calls are $100 each.
  • Volume discounts for additional coaching, consulting, advisory, and mediation services are available for all corporate partners.
  • Other benefits to be determined.

Draft topics and dates for FountainBlue’s gender-neutral, gender-inclusive, ‘When We Speak’ series are listed below. All programs are held at a Silicon Valley-based host location on Thursdays from 11:50 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. PST. Host companies have the first option of adopting a workshop topic for their organization from 3-4 p.m. on the same day as the When We Speak program, or the following Friday from 8-9 a.m. 

  • February 13, 2025 – Bring Your Full Selves to Work
  • March 13, 2025 – Lead with Passion, Agility and Resilience
  • April 10, 2025 – Manage Your Mindset
  • May 8, 2025 – Make Employee Experience the X Factor
  • June 12, 2025 – Expand Your Circle of Influence
  • July 10, 2025 – Pushing the Innovation Envelope
  • August 14, 2025 – Local Input, Global Impact
  • September 18, 2025 – Seventh Annual Mentorship Best Practices
  • October 9, 2025 – 8th Annual Men Who Open Doors Awards

FountainBlue’s Front Line Managers Online Program

Launched in May 2020, FountainBlue’s Monthly Front Line Managers Online series features a panel discussion of HR, product, engineering and business leaders, presenting on leadership and innovation topics of interest to front line managers, individual contributors, and leaders at all levels. Starting in 2025, themes and topics offered through our Front Line Managers Online series will be integrated into on-site workshops, trainings, assessments and panel discussions. See some sample topics or inquire about bringing a program to your Silicon Valley-based organization.

FountainBlue’s VIP Roundtable Program

Launched in December 2015 at the request of our community members, FountainBlue’s VIP Roundtables convene executive and entrepreneurial leaders in conversations on innovation and market trends. This invitation-only online event facilitates connections between select entrepreneurial and executive leaders to share best practices on opportunities and challenges, while supporting the strategic and business development goals of all participating companies. Following our final program in December 2024, FountainBlue will continue to offer ongoing strategic support for our client companies through our coaching and advisory services.

FountainBlue’s When She Speaks Program

Starting in 2025, FountainBlue’s monthly When She Speaks panel discussions will be re-named to ‘When We Speak’, to be more gender-neutral and more inclusive. This program will continue to feature senior leaders of all genders from partner tech companies speaking on leadership and innovation topics.

For 20 years, FountainBlue’s in-person (and online) interactive conversations have been known for being inspiring, educational, practical and fun. In the final months of 2024, we will gradually transition from online to on-site production of our monthly series. Please e-mail us if you’re interested in hosting one of our final 2024 programs.

Remaining 2024 When She Speaks Programs, are scheduled for Thursdays, from 11:50 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. PST

  • Ways to Lead, July 11, 2024 – online
  • What He Said, What He Meant, August 8, 2024 – online
  • One of the Onlys, September 12, 2024 – online
  • Staying in Front of the Change Curve, October 10, 2024, hosted by ASML
  • Sixth Annual Mentorship Best Practices Panel, November 14, 2024, on-site host to be confirmed
  • 7th Annual Men Who Open Doors Awards Event, December 5, 2024, on-site host to be confirmed

For more information:

We are in the process of clarifying the interactive workshop options for our Gold Partners and welcome your input! 

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