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FountainBlue LLC is a change management consultancy which has provided executive coaching, leadership consulting, and strategic advisory services to business leaders facing operational, process, and cultural opportunities and challenges since January 2005. We also run monthly events on leadership and innovation topics and custom workshops tailored to the individual needs of our client companies.

The ‘Fountain’ in our name represents the innovation edge which keeps companies relevant and the ‘Blue’ in our name represents the leadership needed to bring innovations to the market and to the customer. Bringing the two sides together becomes much more important as we move from an Age of Information to an Age of Personalization – One Conversation, One Leader, One Organization at a Time. 

As founder and CEO of FountainBlue LLC, serial entrepreneur Linda Holroyd oversees all event production, coaching, consulting and advisory work, ensuring that we consistently and proactively emphasize empowerment and growth at the individual, team and organizational levels as we work with client companies to manage change.

FountainBlue Coaching, Consulting and Advisory Service

Strategic Advisory

At the organizational level, we provide strategic advisory to senior leaders, which might include: leading organizational transformations which align to corporate mission, vision and values, pivoting a business strategy to better align with market and technology trends, transitioning strategic leadership and leveraging scenario-based-planning to optimize growth and expansion. The results are reflected in the shareholder value, the engaged workforce, and the product innovations. Read more…

Change Management and Cultural Transformation

At the team level, we build cohesion and develop trust with an emphasis on candor, honesty and crucial conversation. We focus on providing quantitative and qualitative measurements of success and working collaboratively as a team to make progress on individual, team and organizational goals. Results have included improved team cohesion, team productivity, team innovation and team impact. Find out more about FountainBlue’s Change Management and culture development services, including testimonials. 

Executive Coaching and Team Leadership Consulting

At the leader and manager levels, we leverage people-centered strategies for maximizing impact and engagement within and across the organization. We focus on providing quantitative and qualitative measurements of soft skills for individuals, teams and organizations, and quantify our success by the number of managers and leaders stepping up and stepping in to a broader, more flexible, more adaptive and more inspiring version of themselves, which in turn positively impacts those they touch. Find out more about FountainBlue’s Executive Coaching, including testimonials.

Custom Events and Workshops

FountainBlue leverages its two decades of experience producing custom events, workshops, fireside chats, interactive trainings and other interactive programs both online and on-site to partner with select corporate partners to produce custom events of interest to internal staff members as well as external partners and customers.


For almost two decades, we have worked with leaders, managers and teams to mediate through the inevitable conflicts brought on by change. Today, we provide facilitative, evaluative, transformative, and directive mediation services to help resolve disputes between employees, between teams, between leaders, between organizations.

Board Advisory

Linda Holroyd is certified as a Non-Executive Director, with an emphasis on Strategic Planning, Change Management, Human Capital Integration for Global Technology Companies. She leverages her broad experience and her network of successful executives to help advise CEOs and boards as they proactively manage and lead in through the post-pandemic tailwinds.

FountainBlue Online Programs
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FountainBlue LLC has conducted monthly on-site, and now on-line programs with emphasis on leadership and innovation topics since January 2005. Sign up for our free monthly newsletter to notes from our events as well as a monthly article on a leadership topic. Become a paid member for $10/month to receive admission for an upcoming When She Speaks or Front Line Managers Online program.


When She Speaks Online

Launched in Silicon Valley in May 2006, FountainBlue LLC’s monthly When She Speaks panel discussions feature senior women leaders from partner tech companies speaking on leadership and innovation topics. Our online interactive conversations are known for being inspiring, educational, practical and fun. Each monthly program runs on Thursdays from 11:50 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. PST online


Front Line Managers Online

Launched in May 2020, FountainBlue LLC’s Monthly Front Line Managers Online series features a panel discussion of HR, product, engineering and business leaders, presenting on leadership and innovation topics of interest to front line managers, individual contributors, and leaders at all levels. Our monthly meetings are conducted online from 4:50 – 6 p.m. or from 7:50-9:00 am. PST, on the first or second Thursdays of the month, to accommodate our global attendees.


VIP Roundtables Online

Launched in December 2015, FountainBlue LLC’s VIP Roundtables convene executive leaders in monthly conversations on innovation and market trends. This invitation-only monthly programs convene monthly, typically on the second or third Fridays online from 7:50-9:00 a.m. PST.

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