Launched in January 2006, FountainBlue’s rich history includes the creation and production of over 48 clean energy entrepreneur forums, 48 life science entrepreneur forums, 36 high tech forums, 36 executives-in-transition programs (in partnership with ExecuNet), 5 funding road trip workshops (which include 3 events each), and 6 CEO roundtables. Today, we run our monthly When She Speaks series in Silicon Valley, our quarterly When She Speaks event in San Francisco, and our invitation-only VIP roundtable for senior executives.

Our management consulting services focus on Android development and process improvement. The overarching principle behind the events we run, the coaching and consulting projects we conduct is a passion for innovation and leadership.

The ‘Fountain’ in our name represents the innovation edge which keeps companies relevant and the ‘Blue’ in our name represents the leadership needed to bring innovations to the market and to the customer. Bringing the two sides together becomes much more important as we move from an Age of Information to an Age of Personalization.


whenshespeaksSince  May 2006, we have partnered with tech companies across Silicon Valley every month to profile a panel of women senior executives in high tech companies, speaking on a range of leadership challenges and issues for Silicon Valley high tech women in particular. Our series celebrates women leaders, stimulates critical thinking and conversation around leadership challenges and issues, empowers and inspires all participants, including the next generation of leaders, and builds a proactive, collaborative and supportive leadership community overall.

Team Business 7 - 3D white backgroundLaunched in December 2015 at the request of our community members, FountainBlue’s VIP Roundtables convene executive leaders in monthly conversations on innovation and market trends. This invitation-only event is designed for senior executives, to facilitate connections between peers and share best practices on today’s hottest opportunities and challenges.

FountainBlue’s integrated, comprehensive Android development services provides our entrepreneurial and executive clients the operational and technical advantage. Whether the challenge is optimizing development, IT and architecture or reviewing and vetting code and build systems, our end-to-end management and development services ensure effective, efficient and strategic implementations which align stakeholders and deliver measurable results.

FountainBlue’s management and process improvement services provide our entrepreneurial and executive clients the business and operational advantage. Whether the challenge is optimizing process, people and technology or reviewing and vetting existing and new technologies and systems, FountainBlue’s end-to-end process management and integration services, ensure effective, efficient and strategic implementations which align stakeholders and deliver measurable results.

LindaHolroydLinda Holroyd is CEO of FountainBlue, founder and organizer for our When She Speaks series and VIP roundtable, and managing consultant for our development and process improvement services. Linda is a serial tech entrepreneur and recognized speaker and published writer on technology, innovation and leadership trends.  For over 20 years, Linda has been leading and advising early-stage, technology-based start-ups on strategy and execution in the areas of marketing, sales, business development and operations. Her passion for innovation and leadership is well reflected in the events we run, the projects we execute and the people we serve.


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