FountainBlue supports the leadership and innovation goals of our tech client companies by coaching high-potentials to level-up into the next management level, by consulting with diversity, leadership and HR teams to strategize plans for identifying, recruiting, on-boarding, developing and retaining high-potentials, by supporting leaders and teams through strategic retreats, custom workshops and team-building programs, and by running monthly events featuring conversations on leadership topics from a panel of tech leaders as well as a monthly VIP breakfast series for senior women executives.
The ‘Fountain’ in our name represents the innovation edge which keeps companies relevant and the ‘Blue’ in our name represents the leadership needed to bring innovations to the market and to the customer. Bringing the two sides together becomes much more important as we move from an Age of Information to an Age of Personalization.
  • Since January 2006, we have produced monthly events, including our monthly When She Speaks series, in partnership with tech companies and leaders across Silicon Valley in order to convene and connect members of our community.
  • We support the development of high-potential corporate tech leaders through our monthly series, through individual one-on-one coaching sessions, through our monthly VIP breakfasts, through our facilitated roundtables, leadership workshops, and retreats and through our leadership and diversity-building consulting services.
  • We provide marketing and strategic advisory services to early stage start-ups.  Our Pivot-or-Perish advisory services focus on working with clients to crystallize a strategy, engage a host of partners, and deliver momentum-building results.
  • We also track, document and report on business and technology trends so that we can better support the needs of our clients and community. By stimulating conversations and spreading knowledge about technology, business and leadership trends, we help build relationships, collaborations and results for our community of stakeholders.
  • Scheduled for launch in January 2016, FountainBlue’s VIP executive breakfasts are invitation-only events for senior women tech executives designed to build connections, share best practices in leadership and innovation, and support the overall growth of technology companies and their leaders.

Since FountainBlue’s launch in January 2005, we have envisioned, created and managed in-person events to networks of tech executives and entrepreneurs across Silicon Valley. This includes over 48 clean energy entrepreneur forums, 48 life science entrepreneur forums, 36 high tech forums, 36 executives-in-transition programs (in partnership with ExecuNet), 5 funding road trip workshops (which include 3 events each), 6 CEO roundtables. Today, we run only one event a month – our When She Speaks , as we focus on providing consulting, coaching and advisory services which supports the leadership and innovations goals of our clients.


whenshespeaksSince  May1996, we have partnered with tech companies across Silicon Valley every month to profile a panel of women senior executives in high tech companies, speaking on a range of leadership challenges and issues for Silicon Valley high tech women in particular. Our series celebrates women leaders, stimulates critical thinking and conversation around leadership challenges and issues, empowers and inspires all participants, including the next generation of leaders, and builds a proactive, collaborative and supportive leadership community overall.

PivotOrPerishFountainBlue’s Pivot or Perish consulting paradigm was created based on decades of involvement, research and consulting experience, working with Silicon Valley tech executives, innovators and entrepreneurs. FountainBlue’s approach posits that The Age of Personalization will forever change the way business works and that companies big and small need to Pivot or Perish to remain relevant and continue to innovate.

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FountainBlue’s head-heart-hands approach to one-on-one executive coaching works with high-potential leaders from all levels who are interested in raising the bar for themselves, for their teams and for their organizations. Core to this approach is the focus on understanding the personal and professional objectives of the leader and how thoughts, words and actions may be shifted so that results are in better alignment.

LindaHolroydLinda Holroyd is CEO of FountainBlue, founder and organizer for our When She Speaks series, managing consultant for our Pivot or Perish tech advisory service and lead coach for our Head-Heart-Hands Executive Coaching services. Linda is a serial tech entrepreneur and recognized speaker and published writer on technology, innovation and leadership trends.  For over 20 years, Linda has been leading and advising early-stage, technology-based start-ups on strategy and execution in the areas of marketing, sales, business development and operations. She continues her work through FountainBlue’s event production, coaching, consulting and advisory services.

To see details and testimonials describing Linda at work, visit our executive coaching, tech advisory and consulting pages. To see Linda in action, attend a When She Speaks event or calendar a conversation with her.

Become a FountainBlue Member

Become a FountainBlue Member

Become a FountainBlue member now! FountainBlue membership benefits include:

Event Admission Benefits:

  • A discounted membership rate of $30 for all FountainBlue events
  • Discounted and free passes to partner events in Silicon Valley when available

Coaching and Support Services:

  • Complementary half hour of executive coaching and a 25% discount on additional coaching services.
  • Access to information and resources on branding, politics, self-awareness, positioning for success, the next generation workforce and transitioning from technologist to manager, plus other topics of interest.

​Tech Advisory Support:

  • Complementary half hour of strategy, marketing and business development advice to tech entrepreneurs.
  • Access to information on the emerging Age of Personalization and what that means for you and your business.
  • Ongoing strategic introductions to potential investors, partners, founders and customers in support of your entrepreneurial cause.

Other benefits, to be determined.

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