FountainBlue’s Masterminds Group is designed for board-ready executives currently serving in operational roles and also interested in securing a board (or operating) position for a tech company, based (mostly) in Silicon Valley, with global customers and operations.

FountainBlue’s Masterminds series occurs monthly invitation-only forums, generally on the third (or fourth) Fridays from 8-10:30 a.m. at TechLAB in Santa Clara. Our interactive conversations are always conducted in a cone of silence. 

Members and Membership

There is no fee to participate in FountainBlue’s Masterminds program, but membership is entirely at the discretion of FountainBlue, and participation in individual meetings is limited to the first ten registrants. The (mostly female) group members are generally: 

  • affiliated with FountainBlue – as a customer, a corporate partner, an investment partner, 
  • trained to lead boards (in partnership with How Women Lead for example), 
  • collaborative and communicative in nature, with an interest in building and joining a community of senior executives, and
  • interested in leading and influencing a tech start-up’s direction, strategy and execution. 

There is no attendance requirement, and no fee to participate, but to respect our very packed agenda and ensure maximum value for all participants, we will limit registrations to ten people for each month’s meeting. (Those on the waiting list and do not get to attend will have the first option(s) to register for next month’s meeting.)

Privacy and Respect:

To respect the privacy of everyone, and to ensure a trust-based conversation, FountainBlue practices and enforces Chatham House Rules for these meetings. 

Namely, participants are free to use the information received (including forwarding the notes to others), but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.


FountainBlue’s Masterminds series supports trained executives (both male and female) interested in serving in board-level positions. FountainBlue will leverage this series to diversify beyond monthly events and venture-related activities and offer board recruitment services for select leaders and companies within the network.

Online Masterminds Group and Calendar Invitations

Corporate partners and other executives interested in finding out more about the series may schedule an initial phone call with us by visiting Corporate partners may also request to join our online group at to receive monthly calendar invitations and get access to resources, wikis, and lists.