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Since its inception in 2005, FountainBlue has connected stakeholders to facilitate innovation and leadership between the executives, entrepreneurs and investors and other major stakeholders across the Silicon Valley and beyond.

As we enter into our 13th year in business, we will consider the advice of one of our business heroes Bill Gross, the CEO of Idealab. Bill Gross has been so successful launching and running Idealab for over 20 years, creating more than 10,000 jobs, fostering 40+ IPOs. His greatest learning from this experience is that the most important criteria for success is first alignment with market trends and customer needs. Without this, nothing else would matter.
Of secondary importance is the people. You will need people competent and resourceful enough to deliver solutions and technologies to address these trends, and the needs of the customer.

And *then* comes the importance of the idea and the technology itself. An idea can’t stand on its own. Without the people, without the timing, it can’t go anywhere, and often never goes anywhere.

FountainBlue will continue our monthly When She Speaks series into its 12th year, and our VIP roundtable series into the third year. There continues to be huge value in facilitating connections between the executives, entrepreneurs and investors and other major stakeholders, while supporting the branding, strategic and business development objectives for all participants throughout the year. Given the above, FountainBlue will be organizing our monthly VIP Roundtables based on specific industries, and partner with a market research firm who will profile top trends to target leaders in that industry. 

FountainBlue’s Customer Advisory Boards

In addition, to ‘go deeper’ into the relationships with the entrepreneurs, executives and investors in our network, we are creating and supporting Customer Advisory Boards for our tech start-up clients, to better connect them with the tech advisors, mentors, customers and partners who can help them understand the needs of the customer and the trends of the market. Specifically, FountainBlue works with Customer Advisory Board members to provide services including the ones listed below.

  1. Strategic Direction: Refine, Define, Confirm
  2. Market Research: Clarify and Validate
  3. Branding and Messaging: Visibility Across the Ecosystem
  4. Positioning and Pricing: Value Proposition, Differentiators
  5. Partnerships: Business Development, Channels, Alliances
  6. Use Cases: Proof of Concepts for Target Audiences
  7. Alignment: Align Internal and External Influencers
  8. Expansion: Grow Membership, Energy and Participation
  9. Prioritization: Features, Timelines and Milestones
  10. Fundraising: Managing All of the Above Toward a Funding Goal

FountainBlue creates and runs a Technical Advisory Council to support the Innovation Ecosystem. Technical Advisory Board members:

  • Identify and Nurture Groundbreaking Technologies
  • Engage a broad ecosystem of stakeholders around these technologies
  • Enlist sponsorship, participation and support for the ecosystem
  • Mentor and support entrepreneurs in our community
  • Educate and Present on technical topics and issues of interest to the community

If you’re interested in finding out more, please e-mail us letting us know which of the below activities are of interest to you, what types of start-ups are of interest to you, and what background you have in these areas.

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